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Vail Integrative Medical Group is a nationally renowned clinic specializing in a comprehensive 'team' approach to sports and spinal injuries. Our doctors, therapists and staff are recognized specialists in these fields and have extensive knowledge and experience. We are considered both a pioneer and leader by combining the best from individual disciplines to work collaboratively in the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries while promoting prevention and even wellness. Below are just a sample of what some of our patients are saying. If you'd like to leave a testimonial of your own, please feel free to do so here.

What Folks Are Saying about Mark J Pitcher

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I had the good fortune recently of putting myself into the healing hands of Dr Mark Pitcher. His incredible knowledge and focus proved most beneficial to me. He helped to diagnose and explain to me issues that I had been struggling with in my back and hip for most of this past year.

Upon seeing him, my body has finally begun to unravel and unlock its deep holding pattern, and I have found tremendous relief.

I trust his instincts completely and regard him among the top chiropractic body workers I've had the good fortune to work with over my nearly 30 year career as a leading dancer with the New York City Ballet.


Mark: you saved my trip!! Thanks a million for making skiing possible and for working with me. I hope you enjoy the spring and get some days in at the mountain. Warmest regards and thank you for the follow up.

Danya Cohan

Dear Mark,
... That last adjustment was the end of the problem. I am now working out in water to regain and boost my strength. I found that I can do the exercises you gave me--in water, nice. I have not found a Chiropractor in my area that is anything like you but I am asking around.

Thank you once more for all you caring and Chiropractic help. Best to you and Happy Easter.

Dee Swatik

Thanks Dr. Mark Pitcher for giving me back my range of motion. Thanks Dr Mark and thanks Jackie, Physical Therapist for giving me back my range of motion and relieving 10 years of pain. You both took the time to do a head to toe assessment and "fix" the many areas of scar tissue and adhesions that had been maiking my life difficult for years. I appreciate your willingness to take on a patient with a rheumatoid disorder. Much of my pain is resolved and I am back to playing tennis again. It is a joy to go to my active job as a dialysis nurse and be able to care for my patients without the usual pain associated with bending over and being on my feet for 12 hours. You guys ROCK! Sue Vogel, Sheridan WY

Sue Vogel
Thanks again, Sue Vogel, Sheridan, WY

Dear Mark:
Yesterday I was pretty much pain free....I haven't felt that good for a long time. I am being very careful with lifting etc. I can't thank you enough for the hard work and skill that you used in the healing process. We really wish that we could import you to the Cape! I will continue with the exercises that you have sent me. If you have any others send them along. You are a very talented chiropractor. I wish you a very happy and healthy New Year.

Thanks again,


Thank you for the excellent, comprehensive, and thorough care you gave me this week. My 10K run on Thursday went very well. I feel good, for a change. See you when I am back in town.

Celeste C. - Board of Directors for USATriathlon and an Ironman finisher

Dr. Mark,

First of all thank you and everyone who was so nice and helpful during my stay in Vail.

I called my Chiropractor first thing when I got home and he talked to me immediately and gave me the name of a rehab group that I have found to be wonderful. They are "right on" with your treatment plan and system. Sara, my new PT, agreed with EVERYTHING you were doing and every exercise. She wants me to continue the ones you gave me and added a few more.

I am happy to report I went to the Orthopedic Surgeon yesterday and he was thrilled with my range of motion and discharged me from his care. YEA!!! So, I am currently seeing my Chiropractor for treatment along with Blue Valley Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.

You gave me the strength to be proactive when I got home.
And I have given "kudos" to Chris Ratzlaff at the Antlers for referring me to you.

I am so grateful. Vail has always been my "home away from home," I would rather be there than any other area of the country for "my" time. I now feel I have a new addition to my family in Vail, all of you.

Thank you and please express my appreciation to Nancy, Dave, Lindsey, Adam and Kerri!

A very grateful Lillian


Dear Mark,
Thanks so much for seeing me the other day. It helped quite a lot and we had two fantastic days on the mountain. Thanks also for the advice and the exercises. I have been doing a regular routine of stretching in the morning but nothing specifically focused on this back muscle. I am encouraged that I can now actually do something to prevent this rather than just ignoring it and going to the chiropractor when it starts to be uncomfortable.


I went to Vail Integrative Medical group after running a 50k race. My IT band had gotten really inflamed and I couldn’t run and it was very painful to walk. After 3 weeks of therapy with Mark and Dave I was back to running with no pain and have had no problems since. Mark and Dave are very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. They gave me strengthening and stretching exercising to help me recover and avoid further issues. I would definitely recommend the team at VIMG to help anyone with sports related injuries.